Rosita – [Era]

If you know anything about me, you should know that I keep a meticulous eye on all of the Internet Money signees as well as the very talented and promising up-and-coming artists they work with. While some talents have come and gone over the couple of years since their amazingly entertaining rise to fame, Era is one artist I’ve found myself fully captivated by, and any single one of his fans would undeniably agree. Most recently, he decided to drop a fantastic project entitled Rosita, and this is truly a record where he is able to show off his range, skills, and overall personality so fans can feel even closer to him than ever before.

With 7 songs that last just over 22 minutes long, Era showcases his dexterity, versatility, and just overall skillset that has been as compelling for newcomers to his music as it has been for day one supporters. It also boasts a few heavy-hitting features in talented artists like Rot Ken, TyFontaine, lilspirit, and Sabrina Lee, who all make their presence known without attempting to steal the show from Era, and the way they all work so seamlessly together is truly notable. While every song on here is even better than the last, I wanted to highlight a few of my personal favorites with you all, and let you listen to the rest on your own.

Opening up with probably my favorite song on the entire project, Era recruits Rot Ken and TyFontaine to join him on his song “Southside”. Lighthearted guitar strums are paired with tapping percussion, rhythmic claps, and bouncy drums that pave the way for all three artists to do their things. Era’s vocals contain just a hint of melancholy that is overshadowed by incredible singing and a prominent confidence that’s truly moving from the moment he begins to sing. Ty comes in for the second verse with some more energetic, higher-pitched notes that bring some diversity into the mix nicely. Everything about this song is unbelievable, but when Ken comes in for the final verse, the way he stretches out his words and uses his Florida drawl to his advantage is truly mind-blowing, leaving us with a part that I’m going to listen to on repeat until I memorize every lyric and can sing right along with him.

A couple of songs later, “Him” is absolutely unforgettable. With some more acoustic guitar portions, Era begins with some very calm, relaxing notes that are eventually brought to new heights once the beat drops and the drums come in, picking up the pace and allowing Era to go crazy without sacrificing his very carefully pieced together notes. Finally, the project comes to an end with his track “Urself”, a song that might be a bit slower than the rest, but it gives him a chance to tell his story and reveal himself to his listeners more than ever before, finishing the tape up on a high note even if it’s not the most upbeat song on the project. I could go on and on about Era and how unbelievable this project is, but I figured I’ll save you some time and just tell you to check out Rosita for yourself because it’s a project you’re definitely going to want to tune into as soon as you can if you haven’t already.