rose petal princess – [Savage Ga$p] ft. [wassup rocker]

Although Kentucky native Savage Ga$p’s name might sound like a dark, disheartened, or underworld-inspired label, anyone who has listened to his music knows that it is typically anything but the aforementioned adjectives. In fact, most of his records are love ballads to the women he falls so quickly and easily for despite any flaws or red flags that might try and stand in the way, and this has become a reason why I have grown to be such a fan considering I find myself in similar shoes quite often.

Just before the weekend, Savage teamed up with wassup rocker and producer polearm to create an amazing new song entitled “rose petal princess”, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Sampling Dream Girl’s popular song “Sunkissed”, you can hear the vocals from the chorus chopped up throughout as spread-out drums and other percussive elements enter into the picture for a lighthearted, airy record that Ga$p seems to just glide effortlessly over. His scratchy, somewhat gritty voice is always so captivating to me considering his words are delivered in such a gentle yet confident manner, and I’m sure whoever is on the receiving end of his message has to feel like a true princess, as the title would suggest.

About halfway through, the beat seems to pick up the pace as Ga$p gives us a few introductory bars for wassup rocker who comes in with a very similar disposition and sound as his counterpart. Considering this was my introduction to rocker’s sound and he reminds me so much of Ga$p in various different ways, I’m definitely going to be tuning in much more often moving forward to see what else he has up his sleeves for us as well.

Considering this song is an undeniable hit and they knew that from the jump, they joined forces with director Cranchyou to shoot a mini-movie for this record and I don’t think it could have been any better if they tried. Various reoccurring scenes take place in some unique and other more general settings, but the two talents steal the spotlight in every single shot without a doubt.

Beginning with some clips of them wandering around some sort of prairie or plane of some sort, fish-eye lenses and simplistic, fun-loving animations are shown off throughout. Later on, we’re transported to two of my favorite scenes, one of which takes place inside of a yellow-walled room with checkerboard floors and ceilings that bring a nice pop of color to the video. Aside from this, the other scene seems to take place inside of a film studio where they recreated an outdoor nightscape that features a red car covered in a pattern of roses to complement the song’s title perfectly.

If it wasn’t already obvious enough, I don’t think I could even think of a bad thing to say about Savage Ga$p’s music even if I tried. Due to this, I was elated to find out that this track was announced as the first single off of his upcoming album, and while I’m not entirely sure when we can expect this album, I do have to say that I know we’re in for an undeniable treat. Aside from this, I do have the inside scoop on a few other surprises that he has up his sleeve, but I’m not sure what’s public knowledge and what he wants to keep under wraps, so I’ll keep that on the DL for now. Just know that you’re going to want to keep your eyes and ears glued to Savage Ga$p moving forward, and his latest single “rose petal princess” is going to make that a very easy task, so check it out below.