Rose | A COLORS SHOW – [YellowStraps]

I tend to keep up with the popular segment on YouTube A COLORS SHOW as much as I can, always giving their channel glances and visits weekly for interesting new live performances. So this morning when I opened up my home page on YouTube, not having any reason in particular to be online, I clicked on their newest upload – from an group I’ve never heard of called YellowStraps. Instantly I was intrigued hearing an ominous instrumental in the background shortly followed by an ambient, foreign vocal. “Guided by the silence, hold me in the light.” The first line instantly drew me in, and following came a wide pan of the studio in which there was another artist strumming a guitar accompanying the singer. This alternative piece was ominous, and the fact that it was a live performance only intrigued me more. I looked up the original single, but found it hadn’t even been released yet, interesting.

YellowStraps is a group out of Brussels, Belgium, and have been releasing music steadily since 2013. Their work has been recognized heartily in Belgium, and as of late with their most recent EP release, Blame, have gotten popularized in North America. They’re a self-taught duo, with tastes of rhythm and blues, electronic, and alternative genres in their discography.

All in all, they absolutely killed their performance on COLORS, as I found my head bobbing and weaving throughout its entirety. I will become a returning listener of the group – and I can only imagine their popularity will rise immensely as they continue to make masterpieces such as “Rose.”

Watch Rose | A COLORS SHOW below!