Ronald Reagan – [YS] prod. [20Rocket]

Atlanta rapper YS recently collided with 20Rocket who has been the mastermind behind many classic Atlanta tracks in recent years, producing more than a few for Young Nudy, but is showing love to the underground in this latest video for YS’s song “Ronald Reagan.” Amir Dolphin Films directed and edited the visual where YS heads to New York to buy and get fitted for his new chain and flex it in a new video in the process. YS skates over the beat with his unique cadence that doesn’t sound much like anyone else in his city but is still obviously a continuation of many of his city’s best artists for the past few years now. His lyrics are getting better and better with each track and his consistency is picking back up and I would definitely say that YS is a good candidate to be one of the next major artists from Atlanta’s East Side.