Romantic Garbage – [Arlo Parks]

Our friends over at Fashionably Early are always pushing the ball forward in regards to music discovery, and today, they’ve hipped me to yet another undeniable gem, this time in the form “Romantic Garbage” by Arlo Parks. Based out of London, Parks’ silky smooth vocals and picturesque lyrics hooked my attention from the first second to the last, and after hearing just one song, I must say that this budding talent is on her way to stardom if she can keep up this level of quality. Not only is “Romantic Garbage” a dreamy offering in regards to the vocals, but the instrumental follows this theme up just as well, leading listeners like myself to seemingly become lost within Parks’ heavenly display of artistry.

Quite frankly, it’s hard to put words to an offering of this caliber, so I’ll just let you check out Arlo Parks and “Romantic Garbage” below!

P.S. — Be on the lookout for this song and more on Parks’ forthcoming EP, Super Sad Generation, due for release April 5th!