Rollin’ Stone – [Kyle Lux]

When it comes to curating music to post on Lyrical Lemonade, I find that trusting my gut with new artists tends to be the best way to operate. Every once in a while, an artist *clicks* right away, just as I recently discovered with Kyle Lux and his unbelievable debut offering, “Rollin’ Stone.” Led by the rumblings of a lively, sun-soaked instrumental and an undeniably smooth allure, this offering made perfect sense upon my first listen, and today, Lux is ready to take this appeal to another level with a complementary visual companion for the song.

Colorful as can be, this visual offering brings the animated personality of “Rollin’ Stone” to life with intimate aesthetics and constant movement. Needless to say, each shot in this video not only keeps listeners engaged, but it translates Lux’s natural charisma into a smooth visual display, complete with enough soul to match the twang of the guitar and the knocking of the drums. Also notable, when the credits roll at the end of the video, fans get a little glimpse into what’s to come, as an ethereal snippet plays in the closing seconds.

To say I’m excited for Kyle Lux’s insurmountably bright future is an understatement. Check out the new video for “Rollin’ Stone” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Directed & Shot by Cristian Diaz
Edited by Jared Bishop & Cristian Diaz
Dancers: Alexis Augustine, Bella Allen, Casey Murray, Davon Farmer
Guitarist: Eli Bramnick