Rollerblades & Açaí Bowl – [Dominic Fike]

From the overwhelming success of “3 Nights” to the lush, lovable honesty of Don’t Forget About Me, Demos, Dominic Fike has undeniably assumed the role of music’s next biggest star. Even as he’s grown into a million-dollar artist, Fike’s undying authenticity and homegrown comfort refuse to be diminished, just as we see in his two latest singles, “Rollerblades” and “Açaí Bowl.”

Arriving just in time for the warm weather, each of these two singles combines the beauty and freedom of a summer drive with the artistic integrity of a timeless song, proving Fike to be an artist who sees past a viral hit. At this point in time, everything that Fike has released to date has not only impressed listeners/viewers but pushed the ball forward in terms of his art and his creativity, signaling the mark of a true artist and one who is inarguably built to last. To say that I’m excited for the insurmountably bright future of Dominic Fike is an understatement, but rather than trying to convince you through writing, I’ll just let these two wonderful songs speak for themselves.

Get accustomed with Fike’s latest two soundtracks for the summer by streaming “Rollerblades” and “Açaí Bowl” below!