Rockstar- [DaBaby] ft. [Roddy Ricch]

In all honesty, so that way there’s full transparency, I’d be lying if I said I was the biggest DaBaby fan in the world. With that being said, I can’t help but completely respect the massive following he has built, the impressive moves he has made in the music industry, and the fact that no matter what he might drop, it’s going to be successful. The same goes for Roddy Ricch, meaning I don’t necessarily always listen to him but that doesn’t mean I don’t give him all the credit in the world for his incredible accomplishments. Beyond this, there’s definitely no denying their talents or the fact that both their music and their music videos are always well thought out, high quality, and just simply clean. As I was scrolling through Twitter today, I saw that DaBaby had released pretty much a short film for his hit song “Rockstar”, and just from the clip I saw, I was intrigued and had to check it out in its entirety to make sure I wasn’t missing out. Obviously, we’ve probably all heard the song by now, so I won’t go into heavy details but if you somehow haven’t, you’ll hear it while watching this movie.

From the moment you press play, you can tell just how much production value went into it as a dreary scene is set with a Lamborghini SUV cruising down a barren street. As a radio clip plays, there seems to be some sort of plague that has taken over this makeshift world, and soon enough, a bloody zombie begins limping into sight. As the vehicle approaches the zombie, the window rolls down and a pistol sticks out, pointing at the forehead of the creature before firing and leaving the corpse limp on the ground. As the beat begins to play, DaBaby is seen running around in a forest, decked out in all black carrying a larger gun than the previous one that was seen, as zombies are moping around the premises.

While the intense scene shows DaBaby seeking shelter behind trees and watching his back for the undead creatures, another main setting shows him and Roddy in the middle of a field dancing around and reciting their lines while blood-doused zombies can be seen playing instruments in the background along with the song’s producer, SethInTheKitchen, playing an all-red piano. The juxtaposition between the emotions of the different scenes is pretty remarkable considering the shots in the forest show DaBaby looking somewhat scared and even a bit dejected, while the scene in the field he comes off as almost confident, yet determined and stern. One of the most eye-opening scenes was in the forest when he gets into hand to hand combat with a large zombie who throws him on the ground. During this portion where he notices these could be his last breaths, he has flashbacks to moments with his daughter where he just looks happy and full of bliss as she runs into his arms. This is enough fuel for his fire, as he reaches out for his gun, grabs it, and puts the man out of his misery.

During Roddy’s portion of the song, he seems to be protecting some sort of compound that the zombies are trying to invade. As they almost become too much to handle, DaBaby comes into the picture and the two artists protect one another, coming out on top of the intense situation. Just when I thought the situation and the visual was coming to an end, his song “Amazing Grace” began to play and zombies started coming out of the woodwork left and right. This portion doesn’t last too long, as DaBaby seems to continue on running and killing zombies before the song comes to a quick end and a Black Lives Matter remix of “Rockstar” begins to play. Finally, this portion shows some of the behind the scenes clips that were shot during the making of this music video, and it really brings the whole thing full circle.

Once again, although DaBaby might not be an artist I continually revisit, there’s no denying that this song is a hit and all of the thought and effort that went into the music video is totally respectable and much appreciated. Although I’m not entirely sure how a zombie apocalypse plays a part in relating to the contents of this song, it’s an interesting approach and I was enthralled by the plot that was created. Seeing the behind the scenes shots at the end was also really interesting because it shows how they really did their own stunts as well as some of the hard work and techniques they had to use in order to avoid injury. “Rockstar” has been all over the place since it came out, topping charts and gracing stereos all over the country, so it’s about time it received a music video. Whether you’re a fan of the song or not, believe me when I tell you that this visual is definitely something you’re going to want to tune in to as soon as you find a moment.