ROCK DA BOAT – [Lango]

A highly decorated artist by the name of Lango is making his first appearance on Lyrical Lemonade today with his latest must-listen offering titled, ROCK DA BOAT. Based in New Orleans, the rapidly-emerging talent has kept a steady stream of releases these last few months including KICKED OUT HEAVEN, GOLDEN & BEFORE PROM. Not only does he maintain his hit-streak, Lango’s unmatched wordplay and vicious self-production remained at the forefront on this one as he blessed his production with funky lyricism on whipping yachts, sipping good and ultimately taking your girl in the process. Best believe I’ll be keeping tabs on this man as 2018 rolls on but until the next one, let loose ROCK DA BOAT and find out more about Lango on his socials below!

Twitter: @langooo_ 

Instagram: @lango111