Sacramento’s Rocca Varnado gives listeners the “Bluprint” with new album.

Sacramento, California has long been a breeding ground for musical talent, and one of its rising stars is Rocca Varnado. With deep-rooted connections in the industry (including a famous cousin, Snoop Dogg), Rocca Varnado has recently made waves with his album “Bluprint Roc.” This 16-track collective masterpiece showcases his unique style and features an impressive lineup of artists and producers creating an album that appeals to a wide range of hip-hop enthusiasts.

The album boasts an array of talented collaborators, each bringing their own flavor to the table. With appearances by Gritty Lex, Ralfy The Plug, Rue, Too $hort, Rayven Justice, ALLBLACK, Slimmy B, Sam Opoku, and Benny the Butcher, there’s a wide range of style that can attract listeners of all preferences.

Among the 16 tracks, several stand out as true gems. “President,” featuring the legend Benny the Butcher, immediately grabs your attention with its wordplay and instrumental. The chemistry between Rocca and Benny is phenomenal, making this track an instant favorite. I should also note I’ve been a Benny fan for years.

“On The Road,” produced by Larry June’s DJ, Dvme provides an amazing instrumental backdrop for Rocca’s storytelling abilities, prevalent in its finest form on this track.

“Heal From” is a more introspective track that showcases Rocca’s versatility and Sam Opoku’s incredible vocal talent.

“Bluprint Roc” is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a well-rounded album that takes listeners on a journey through Rocca Varnado’s world. From tough street experience to moments of self-reflection, the album covers a wide range of themes and emotions. This diversity of sounds and topics ensures that nearly any hip-hop listener can find something to connect with on the album. Behind the scenes, Jermaine Fox played a crucial role in shaping the album’s landscape, bringing Rocca’s vision to life. The collaboration between Rocca and Jermaine, along with the talented guest vocalists and instrumentalists, truly transformed “Bluprint Roc” into a collective masterpiece.

This is one of my favorite recent projects, and I really can’t wait to keep this thing on shuffle for the foreseeable future. Stream it below!