Rocc Climbing – [Remble] ft. [Lil Yachty]

Just a few days ago, AMD Visuals partnered with Remble and Lil Yachty to direct and release the video for, “Rocc Climbing,” and is gaining huge publicity for multiple reasons, including the premiere of a fascinating hair style for Lil Boat (Yachty), as well as the overnight internet fame Remble has achieved due to his incredibly unique, articulate delivery.

Remble raps in MLA format,” a recent viral tweet said.

The two contributing artists, with catchy tune and rhythm laid over a bouncy instrumental, are responsible for this track and video gaining traction exponentially – with the video now ranked #21 on the YouTube top music chart, and countless meme conjurings and reposts across social media worldwide.

Remble, a San Pedro, California product, is looking to be continuing his momentum from success with his astoundingly successful, “Gordon Ramsey Freestyle,” with this intriguing, comical video that portrays Remble and ‘Boat’ in different spots around the studio using multiple fun angles and other videographic styles to make the single-location video look a bit more stretched.

Peep Remble and Yachty’s new video for, “Rocc Climbing,” shot by AMD Visuals, on YouTube below!