Robot Jesus EP – [CLICHE]

Following up on a couple fire singles, CLICHE drops his debut effort today in the form of an EP. Titled ‘Robot Jesus’, the project offers an introduction to the scope of the 19-year-old artist’s talents, painting him as a dextrous lyricist with an imaginative mind.

Over four tracks, a constant bounce supercharged by CLICHE’s seemingly boundless energy resonates, making for a project that’s altogether just fun to listen to. He has an undeniable ear for catchy hooks, and in between the nursery rhyme-like cadences, he makes stories based on real experiences feel like outlandish tales. Under CLICHE’s animated presence lie beats that feel just as playful, thanks to producer Jachary. He embellishes CLICHE’s buoyant persona with pounding percussion and video-gamey textures—a natural combination that ultimately pays off. With the release of ‘Robot Jesus’, CLICHE secures his own sound and gets a party started along the way.