Risk Taker – [RarieDaSavage]

Of all of the innumerable talented young rappers in Atlanta I have to say that RarieDaSavage has emerged as truthfully my favorite of the bunch over the past several months, boasting a deep back catalog across platforms if you look hard enough, and having recently droped a mixtape titled Baby Goat and a self-titled EP which I reviewed for Lyrical Lemonade when it dropped a couple of months ago. Rarie is still just a teenager but has a wealth of life experience and tribulation under his belt which he masterfully turns into songs with gripping lyrics that often make you stare back into your own soul in a particularly unexpected way given that Rarie’s sound doesn’t necessarily scream emotional potency, but this camouflage of sorts makes Rarie all the more interesting to me. His obvious confidence and swagger and the rhythm in which he rides beats and seamlessly switches flows would easily convince many that Rarie is sitting on the next huge street/club smash hit in the city, which is likely true, but don’t for a second overlook how beautifully this man tells his stories for an artist as young as he is, without ever falling off pace or having to force lyrics. Rarie is obviously an Atlanta baby at heart and his sound is firmly rooted in that of all of the great artists who have come before him, but like all the greats manage to do, Rarie is managing to set himself apart while using the technical strides of others to his advantage.

RarieDaSavage just dropped his sophomore mixtape Risk Taker which shows off all of the versatility that makes Rarie special and the project’s intro track “Med Strong” produced by Section 8, who is in my opinion the most exciting young producer in Atlanta right now, exhibits his Rarie’s exceptional vocal ability as well as the flow which seems to be his most comfortable pocket that sounds just effortless for him. “Next Day Out” is a particularly bright spot from this tape for me, where Rarie skates over a glossy and bubbly trap instrumental and details his journey from being on top to rock bottom in jail and now where he is now as a free man who is sincerely on the cusp of greatness in his home city, its just a matter of time until everybody else realizes. Baby Plug joins Rarie again on this project and whereas their last collaboration “Freestyle” on Rarie’s self-titled EP was loose and playful, their track on Risk Taker “On Beat” is much more intense in tone and Baby Plug opens the track triumphantly over an almost A cappella violin instrumental minus his colorful and loud adlibs. Rarie hops on the track and immediately turns the energy of the track up, coming in as the perfect number-two punch to Baby Plug yet again and their chemistry is absolutely undeniable and I really hope we get a collaborative project from the two of them at some point.

“B Roll” is the highlight of Risk Taker for me and the Yung Icey instrumental could literally not have been more perfect for Rarie and I was lucky enough to stumble upon this song early and literally have listened to it once a day for the last month or more and still am not tired of it. RarieDaSavage is a star and his talent alone should warrant him being mentioned in the same breath with a whole lot of artists with exponentially more monthly listeners at this point, and not just because of this mixtape either. I definitely recommend checking out RarieDaSavage and his new project Risk Taker because you will certainly be hearing his name ring out in years to come.