Right Time – [Tino Szn]

Tino Szn is one of the fastest-growing teenage artists out right now. With his recent mixtape “4 Seasons”, he solidified that he’s one to watch from the next generation of talent. At only 17 years old, Tino has seen success from his music in multiple genre spaces, but has crossed over into a rap-rock hybrid with his latest offering “Right Time”. The video starts off with a classic garage rock scene, with Tino and his band playing instruments and jamming to the upbeat track. The scene moves into a desert, reminiscent of a classic rock video where the band plays with a landscape as the background. It has nods to the Deftones “Minerva” video, Nirvana videos, and other staples of classic rock music videos. The genre-bending influence is clear in this video. Tino also steps into the role as frontman of the band, showing fans a new side of the artist, who most are used to seeing the artist in his signature style rap videos. Tino’s versatility and his fast-rising popularity among listeners is a reminder that in today’s music landscape, listeners are drawn to artists who show they can master more than one sound. Tino is definitely fulfilling this need for his audience and his rise is reflecting that. The “Right Time” video shows that Tino won’t be boxed in my genre lines, and as he grows in his career, we will continue to watch him.

Watch the “Right Time” visuals from Tino Szn after the break below.