Right or Wrong – [Tommy Ice]

When it comes to the layers of talented artists in the Atlanta Rap scene paired with the recognition they receive, it’s pretty much never-ending. While household names like Young Thug, Future, and 21 Savage call the Georgia city home, there are consistently more and more artists coming up and making a name for themselves on a more underground level. One of the most notorious underground legends out of Atlanta has to be Tommy Ice. He has been grinding for years to perfect his music, introducing a wide variety of sounds and a multifaceted arsenal of capabilities within music including rapping, singing and producing. Although he doesn’t get nearly enough recognition as I think he deserves, he continues to do his thing consistently which will undoubtedly pay dividends in the long run.

Thankfully, he’s back with a brand-new track entitled “Right or Wrong”. A mystifying beat is created through bubbly synths, spacey notes, and calm yet impactful percussion. Tommy delivers a very consistent cadence, accenting certain words at the end of some of his lines to add even more catchiness to the already alluring flow. He gets slightly more melodic as the percussion kicks in, almost humming his words as he spits them in an extremely bouncy, lighthearted manner. Later on in the track, his deliver gets even more intricate as he sometimes spits rapid-fire bars effortlessly but then spaces out other bars in the blink of an eye without any notice. Tommy calls out certain people for copying his style and sound, saying that it would be considered suicide if he killed them since they’re all just his clones. Beyond this, he boasts about all the nice things he has been purchasing with the money he’s making from his music like jewelry, clothing, and more, as well as the drugs he takes because he believes that sober people aren’t any fun.

Although Tommy doesn’t really drop the surplus of music he once did, that’s not a problem in the slightest. He seems to take more time on his songs than ever before in order to make sure they’re perfect before he releases them, which is a veteran move considering every note, lyric, and sound counts when you’re trying to make a name for yourself in this industry. This also isn’t saying that he doesn’t release music often, however, because he still consistently releases loosies and singles more often than most other artists, but he just doesn’t drop songs on virtually a daily basis like he once did. Whatever he’s doing he should keep doing though, because he has managed to amass a cult following and make connections in the industry while playing by his own rules, so he’s clearly doing something right. Tommy Ice was nice enough to bless us with his latest song “Right or Wrong”, so give it a listen as soon as you get the chance.