Right or Wrong- [Shy Glizzy] ft. [Lil Uzi Vert]

In a world with so many talented artists, I was bound to miss at least a few due to either ignorance or simply my own naivety. One of these artists who has been in the game for quite some time is Shy Glizzy, and although I’ve maybe heard him on certain featured songs or unknowingly liked a track of his in the past, It’s about time I woke up and paid some attention to the Washington DC rapper. In all honesty, I would probably still have been sleeping if I didn’t see that he not only recruited Lil Uzi for his most recent single “Right or Wrong”, but he also got the prolific TM88 to produce this hit. After seeing these massive additions to this new track, I had no choice but to listen up and I’m sure glad that I did.

TM88 builds the beat with somewhat intense, eye-catching synths before piercing percussion and concise 808s come into the picture to lay a steady and attractive foundation for the artists to showcase their abundant talents. As Glizzy begins to sing the hook, his vocal inflections raise and lower in a pretty regular yet interesting fashion, and he repeats this same delivery a couple of times in the hook. While I could see it getting slightly repetitive after too long, he finishes the chorus right before it gets too monotonous. He does continue a similar cadence in his verse but changes some very subtle portions to keep it fresh. While I will say that his flow isn’t overly intricate and it can seem to drone on at times, I’ve definitely heard a lot worse from more mainstream rappers so I’m not really too mad at it. The different tones of voice that he uses work almost like hypnotism, as they’re not necessarily crazy or mind-blowing but they kept my attention and didn’t lose me at all throughout the entire duration of his hooks and verse.

I knew that Uzi would switch things up with his portion and I was actually right, thankfully. He does begin with an almost identical cadence as his counterpart, but it seems as if his voice is a lot more passionate. Certain moments you can hear a little rasp that comes with some aggression from him, while other moments you get notes full of emotion and effort. After a few lines, he switches his flow to a much more appealing and eye-catching delivery that is quicker and just all-around more impressive than the rest of the song in all honesty. Even his ad-libs are lively and full of energy, as he sometimes yells or makes his own sound effects that might get overshadowed by the vitality in his actual lines, but they do add another element of vigor that levels his verse up even more than before. I just think that Uzi killed his verse because this beat sounds like a style he’s familiar with and he’s been able to handle in the past, so he used his experience to his advantage and really went off the rails. Most of Glizzy’s lines seem to be focused on a girl he’s interested in and he likes the fact that even though she knows he’s a bit of a player, she still likes him regardless. On the other hand, Uzi also discusses some women but additionally flexes about his designer clothes, extravagant trips to foreign countries, and certain drugs he’s taking.

I have to be honest when I say that I think Uzi really stole the show on this track, which leaves Glizzy’s parts slightly underwhelming but it’s still cohesively a solid track all around. I just feel as if Glizzy’s portions got somewhat repetitive while Uzi seized the opportunity to switch things up and go off script a bit. At the end of the day, I have heard many other songs that are a lot more monotonous and much less appealing than this track, so I’m not mad at this record whatsoever. Ultimately, I feel like when you recruit Lil Uzi or a number of other talented artists for a track, you have to bring you A game or you might get left behind. I don’t think Shy Glizzy got left in the dust per se, but I definitely don’t think his portions of the track are going to be the parts that people are necessarily going to talk about, in all honesty. Either way, I’m a fan of “Right or Wrong” by Shy Glizzy featuring Lil Uzi Vert, so you should give it a listen and see what you think for yourself as soon as you can.