Right Now – [The Undercover Dream Lovers]

Rising psychedelic dream pop artist, The Undercover Dream Lovers are back with a new single entitled “Right Now.” While the name may throw you off The Undercover Dream Lovers is one-person crooner and songwriter Matt Koenig, crazy right? He’s based out of Brooklyn but has recently relocated to the Los Angeles area and “Right Now” is the first track that has come from his sessions out west. Following up his hit single “Coming Home” Matt released a six-track EP entitled ‘In Real Time’ in early March. After sitting on the project for a couple months UCDL released visuals from every track creating a short film version of the EP. With “Right Now” he continues to build off the momentum he’s built thus far heading into 2019.

Check out the groovy new single “Right Now” and his previous project ‘In Real Time’ below.