Right Now – [Jaah SLT] ft. [Young Nudy]

After finding out about Jaah SLT just a few months ago, I constantly find myself being surprised and on my toes when it comes to his music. Just when I thought he was one of the more aggressive, carefree, and ruthless artists in the music industry, he completely switches up the vibes and goes in a different direction, doing so as effortlessly and naturally as anyone possibly could. This is clear as day on his most recent project 9-25-20, where he mixes in some heavy, gritty sounds with other, more jazzy styles that shouldn’t work together from the outside looking in, but complement one another in such a remarkable fashion, words just don’t do it justice. It’s a project you just have to hear to understand what I mean, and it’s well worth the listen if you somehow haven’t heard it already.

This is as obvious as ever on one of the standout tracks on the project “Right Now” featuring Young Nudy, where he incorporates some Jazz-influenced Trap sounds that almost come off as being slightly playful and elementary while Jaah’s bouncy delivery and lighthearted flows shine through unlike anything else you’ll hear on the entire tape. I’m going to let you tune into the song itself, but he just recruited Young Nudy once again to piece together a brand-new music video for the highlight track, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

The Motion Picture Shit-shot music video opens up with Jaah talking to someone sitting in a red old-school hot rod that somewhat looks like a deal is being made, but I’m not going to point any fingers. As the song begins, an aerial view of Jaah is shown as the camera pans down towards his dyed dreadlocks as he bobs his head spiritedly to the sound of the music. A very promiscuously dressed woman begins to walk towards the red vehicle that I mentioned before as she looks in the window, checks out the surroundings, and eventually starts to dance in a very risqué manner.

When Jaah actually begins to recite his lyrics, he is shown looking directly in the camera in a third-person view of some sort that rapidly begins to shapeshift, eventually getting to the point where there are so many views of him, it looks as if you’re peeking into a kaleidoscope and seeing the wild world that Jaah has brought to life sonically. When it’s time for Nudy to start spitting, it turns out that he was the individuals hanging out in the parked car, making deals with Jaah and watching the girl try and seduce him to come out. While he doesn’t get overly animated with his movements, he does act out a few of his lines while smoking a blunt and holding his trademark double cup. Finally, some similar trippy effects are used once again as Jaah provides us with the final chorus that leads us right out of the track nicely.

Although there is nothing absolutely mind-blowing about this music video, it’s the simplicity of it all that complements the song perfectly, in my opinion. It seems like nowadays, so many rappers are completely caught up in the pomp and circumstance of music videos, trying to constantly include the most attractive girls, the fanciest cars, the grandest mansions, and the most money, but this song doesn’t glorify those things, so I’m glad the video didn’t either. It truly allowed the two artists to show off their unique personalities and not be overshadowed by any wild set pieces or anything like that. I’m also happy that Nudy actually made an appearance because it seems like far too often, bigger named artists don’t show up for shoots with rising talents, but it makes the visuals so much better, so that’s a plus in and of itself. Make sure to peep the newest visual from Jaah SLT featuring Young Nudy for their song called “Right Now”, and then head over to any streaming platform to check out his most recent project 9-25-20 as well.