Riddle Me This – [LDG is LIKE]

Ohio might not be the most notorious rap hub in the world, or even in the Midwest for that matter. As the music scene evolves and the internet continues to play a part in this business, though, it doesn’t matter what state an emcee calls home because they have the world at their fingertips, and it’s up to them to put out something new and refreshing to captivate listeners. LDG is LIKE might not have the most common name you’ve heard, but it also might be one of the more ordinary things about him after tapping in and experiencing all of the unique qualities that he exudes within his music.

After recently releasing his latest EP Riddle Me This, I was able to tap in and familiarize myself with the Akron native, and his backstory is just as interesting as his music itself is. After finding himself in some legal trouble prior to shipping off to school on a football scholarship, LDG’s career in sports slowly halted, and luckily, his music career was able to blossom beyond any expectations he once might’ve had. Beyond his entrance into the scene, LDG’s project is a hard-hitting, ruthless, and aggressive effort that showcases LDG’s personality and his ability to switch up his flows effortlessly, delivering something extremely refreshing on each of the 5 tracks featured on the EP.

`From the opening track “If”, LDG comes out swinging with a rapid-fire flow that hits like a ton of bricks. The beat is gritty and menacing, matching LDG’s ferocity and intensity. He doesn’t hold back, delivering punchline after punchline with confidence and swagger that is hard to ignore. This song seems to set the tone for the rest of the project, warming up fans for an all-out battle into the microphone as he details some of his past experiences that turned him into the person he is today. Throughout the EP, LDG reflects on his journey from the underprivileged neighborhoods of North Akron to where he is now, rapping with a raw honesty that is both captivating and inspiring.

Riddle Me This is a masterful EP that showcases LDG’s talents as a lyricist and his ability to craft hard-hitting, noteworthy records. LDG is LIKE is a force to be reckoned with in the Midwest rap scene, and this EP is further proof of his immense talent that I believe is only going to grow as he gains more exposure, so tap in now before he takes off and leaves his naysayers in the dust!