Ricky Bobby-[Krown Vic]

For a while now, I have been indulged in the Virginia music scene, and it has never failed to amaze me with the talent that emerges from there. With some regions of the country, you can kind of assume what sound each city has as its signature sound. However, coming from Virginia, you never know what you’re gonna get. That element of surprise is what shocks the listeners as they may go into a song with expectations, and leave with those expectations completely surpassed. VA native Krown Vic is fresh off of the release of his Hourly Profit tape, in which the cover pays homage to Lil Wayne’s Dedication series, and is wasting no time with the visuals. Making a debut on the Lyrical Lemonade platform, I introduce you to Krown Vic as he drops off his visual for his album cut “Ricky Bobby”.

Produced by Hocus, this song really shows the importance of an amazing producer tag. As soon as you hear the “Hocus got that magic, boy”, the beat drops and bleeds instant craziness. What caught me off guard in a great way, was the pocket that Vic got into in this song. Hearing a beat like this, you can almost always imagine the route that most artists would take on it when it comes to the flow and the overall verse structure. The breathless array of words and not stopping for a breath until the next bar plays is something that I definitely didn’t expect to hear on this record, but was very impressed once I did. When asked about the name of the song, Vic states:

“Ricky Bobby is one of my favorite records because it’s part of the lingo between me and my homies. We call making money moves Ricky Bobby. Like say someone were to ask “What you doing today?”. You’d reply, “I’m going Ricky Bobby” and we’ll instantly know what you mean. Might not know exactly what the play is, but it’s understood you’re getting to a bag.”

Get put on to Krown Vic and check out the visuals for “Ricky Bobby” below!