Rick oWen – [Lil Xelly]

There’s nothing more I can say about Lil Xelly that I haven’t already said in the past throughout the various articles I’ve written about his music, but if one thing is certain, I’ll never stop raving about the guy. If you’re familiar with his portfolio, you know that he has countless projects under his belt and has proven over the past few years that he is probably the hardest working person in music, no matter what level of the industry you’re looking at. He also does an unbelievable job of keeping things fresh and introducing different sonic styles which is obviously beyond important if you release the overflow of music that Xelly does.

One of his most recent offerings popped up on my timeline today and I just couldn’t help but try my best to put someone new onto the Maryland star. This track is called “Rick oWen”, and it’s yet another wild and interesting release that’s going to continue to add to the incredible legacy that Xelly has already created for himself. GAWD produced this hit, using some mischievous, troublesome, heavy piano chords mixed in with some crisp percussion and complementary 808s that create an extremely appealing instrumental for Xelly to show off his abundant skills on. As he begins to spit, his flow is easygoing and fun but catchy at the same time. While some of his words might be under annunciated making them somewhat difficult to interpret, the cadence he uses just sticks to the inside of your brain like glue, and I found myself humming along within seconds. This continues throughout, and although the song is barely over a minute and a half, he rotates through a variety of deliveries and flows, always leaving room for his trademark off-the-wall ad-libs that breathe so much life and energy into the song.

As with various other music videos that Xelly releases, the accompanying visual for this hit doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that other videos might contain, but he proves time and time again that his own personality and charisma is more than enough to keep you entertained throughout the entire thing. Useless Films shot and directed this miniature movie, taking Xelly outside at night while utilizing some colorful lights to illuminate the otherwise pitch-black scene. A night vision lens is used during brief moments to switch things up, but one of my favorite parts is how the camera goes in and out of focus on certain objects throughout which might be a minuscule addition in the grand scheme of things, but I found it thoroughly enjoyable. Additionally, one of my favorite parts comes at the beginning as Xelly is about to go in where he is shown in a comic book-like filter as if he has superpowers because that’s still a possibility in my mind after witnessing so many of his talents over the years if I’m being honest.

Whether you like it or not, Lil Xelly isn’t going anywhere any time soon and circling back, I don’t know how that’s something you could not like. He’s simply one of the best underground artists in recent history and he continues to grow, advance, and get better with every additional offering. While he has somewhat slowed down his release schedule when compared to a few years ago, his quality is increasing exponentially, and that’s something that should worry other artists if they’re not on his good side. I could go on and on for days about why I believe Lil Xelly is bound to blow, but his music speaks for itself, so I’ll cut myself up there and let you witness it with your own eyes and ears.