Rick James – [Joseph Chilliams] ft. [Mia Gladstone]

The city of Chicago is buzzing right now because we know just how incredible tonight is about to be with the release of Saba’s highly anticipated project Few Good Things releasing, and after having the privilege of receiving an early listen, I can factually say that this excitement is more than justified. It’s bound to be a spectacle, as all Pivot Gang releases end up being, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the gang wants to be left out of the fun. Sure, they have multiple hands in putting together that album, but fellow Pivot member Joseph Chilliams made sure to join in on the fun just a few days ago, and whenever he drops, I tune in, that’s just the way it is and the way it always will be.

With a tweet mentioning how Pivot Gang is about to go on one of the greatest runs in music history at the end of last week, Joseph announced his newest song “Rick James” featuring Mia Gladstone, and what a way that was to kick off the absolute dominance that this group is about to see for the foreseeable future. In the same tweet, he also dared followers to tell their friends to try and compare them to other greats, knowing that there is truly no comparison that does them nearly enough justice, and that couldn’t be truer than it is.

This record is produced by Letmode who uses some echoing, resounding synths with rattling hats and punchy 808s that give this song an infectious quality which is something you’ll see as soon as you press play. Joseph proves his individuality once again, not relying on any insane amounts of vocal alterations to elevate his skill set because he doesn’t need those extra additions to be as great as he is.

Mia’s inclusion is more so in the background as her lighthearted notes compliment Joseph’s main vocals during various moments, but these portions are definitely incredible, and the song would be undeniably different if they were omitted. I can’t wait to see Pivot Gang take over the industry once again, and even though Saba might often be the main topic of conversation, when Joseph Chilliams releases music as wonderful as “Rick James”, which he always does, he definitely can’t be left out of the dialogue whatsoever.