Rich Off Pints 3 – [Icewear Vezzo]

As Detroit rap music grows in popularity by the day, so do the artists making this irreplicable and undeniably great style of music. While artists like Lil Yachty have placed a spotlight on the scene, this has only caused emcees to go harder and want to prove themselves even more, and that has led to some of the greatest verses and collaborations in modern music, at least in my opinion. One of the most notable figures in the entire Midwest is now Icewear Vezzo, a man full of limitless talents that continue to impress me with every new release.

His 2021 series Rich Off Pints featured two editions that accumulated over 150 million streams total and considering the fact that he was still just finding his footing, there is literally no way to predict exactly how big he’s going to be. This is mind-boggling because he’s already a legend, so the fact that he has an entire career ahead of him just scrambles my brain in the best possible way.

As he geared up to release the third and final part of this series, his buzz was through the roof, but now that it is out, I am excited to say that I don’t think a day will go by moving forward where he isn’t one of the main points in every conversation about rap all over the world. Rich Off Pints 3 is an impressive 14 songs long, but despite the number of tracks on the project, it only lasts about 36 minutes long, so there are plenty of quick records that I wish lasted much longer, but at least I can play them on repeat to get my fill.

Among these cuts, there are features like G Herbo, Lil Baby, Key Glock, E-40, and Lil Durk, amongst others, and even though these guests all have a unique, diverse sound, Vezzo adapts to their styles while bringing them closer to his world as well.

When asked about the project, Vezzo said:

“The phrase Rich Off Pints isn’t literal, it’s about the mindset I was in around the time I started the series. I was like, ‘f*ck the streets, I’m about to go all the way. I don’t care how broke I gotta go, I wanna live right and do the right thing.’ I had dreams of quitting the streets ever since I started hustling, and when I started thinking about Rich Off Pints, I developed the courage to do the work it takes to quit the streets completely.”

The overarching theme of this album is the fact that he has gone from a tycoon in the streets to a bonafide hitmaker and icon, and I couldn’t have summed up the project even half as well as Vezzo did with this statement. I am ecstatic to finally say that Rich Off Pints 3 is officially out, so don’t waste another second without giving this one a listen.