Rich Off Conversations – [Azul]

Los Angeles’s newest rap sensation, Azul, has just dropped his debut album titled Rich Off Conversations, a thirteen-track project showcasing the emerging artist’s impeccable talent and storytelling ability. The album, which features collaborations with other rising hitmakers like rarra and RobRaccs, is a testament to Azul’s impressive lyricism and clever wordplay, as he delivers witty and thought-provoking rhymes over stylish yet poignant beats.

Azul, who grew up in South Central, Los Angeles, has had his fair share of struggles and hardships, which he uses as inspiration for his music. His debut album is an ode to his journey from a life of struggle to a world of possibilities, and he tells his story with great poise and finesse. His sound is fresh, with a unique blend of trap beats and smooth melodies, creating a distinct soundscape that sets him apart from his peers.

The album’s standout tracks include way too many cuts to describe individually, but almost all of them have either hard-hitting bars with a catchy hook or heartfelt lyrics that showcase Azul’s versatility and vocal range. “Worse” is one banger that definitely stood out specifically, as we see the rapper delivering confident bars over a moody, melodic beat. “Smooth Criminal” and “Profile” featuring rarra are two other personal highlights from the project that allow Azul to showcase his storytelling abilities while painting vivid pictures of his surroundings.

Rich Off Conversations is certainly a solid debut project that shows Azul’s immense potential as a rising star in the rap game. His introspective lyrics and one-off deliveries combined with the smooth production make for an engaging and enjoyable listening experience. With the release of this tape, Azul has undoubtedly made it known that he’s an artist to watch for the rest of 2023, and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us.