Rich Bitch – [NIA]

As I was scrolling through my submissions and emails combing through new music, I wanted something different to catch my ear, and immediately when I heard the beat for NIA’s “Rich Bitch” and the first few bars to go along with it, I started taking notes.

As I said, the beat, prod. By _ caught my ear first. It’s one that has some traits of a modern hit, filled with mysterious sounds, bells, and boisterous drums – aligning with a beat that I typically enjoy. It’s obvious NIA enjoyed the beat too, as she attacked it flawlessly and with aggression, holding nothing back from start to finish.

I can sense the bubbling potential in this track, it just seems like something that has that energy of a viral hit. Though its target market is likely outside of the scope of someone like myself, I think NIA and her team would be glad to know the music reached a crowd beyond what they might’ve been marketing to.

Buckle up and check out “RICH BITCH” below!