Rich Baby Daddy – [DCG Brothers]

I always love when new artists seem to draw inspiration from previous generations, and it makes it even better when these artists are from the same city as me. I was fortunate enough to grow up as the drill scene began to take shape, and even though my life was entirely different from the ruthless tales of the trenches that these rappers spoke about, there was just something about it that was undeniably addicting, and I obviously wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

As time went on, new spitters began to blaze their own trails, but it’s hard to think of a duo that has done it any better than the DCG Brothers. Shun and Bsavv have both proven their worth in the industry at this point, and while. They clearly have that same assertive demeanor that previous rappers in the subgenre have become known for, but they add their own unique spin on things to show that it’s not a type of music being revived from the past, but rather a genre that is being created all on its own.

The familiar narratives and personalities they both show off are never overlooked, but the way that they deliver these things really makes them stand out, and there’s a reason they’ve been consistently blowing up over the last few years. They’re also always working, so when I realized that they dropped a brand-new single entitled “Rich Baby Daddy”, I was super eager to check it out. If you have listened to the tag team before, you know that since. They’re actually siblings, their chemistry is unbeatable, with this one being no different as they kill the BWolf201-produced instrumental.

Trading off bars, they pretty much use this song as a laundry list of reasons why they’re fantastic fathers, leaning on their wealth as the main benefit, but when you can afford to give your children anything they could dream of, I would brag as much as I could too. Although they’re both young stars themselves, you should know that they make moves in music to support their loved ones just as much as themselves, and “Rich Baby Daddy” is yet another reminder of what truly fuels their fire.