Revenge – [Angelus]

There are certain moments in artists’ careers that stand the test of time and truly make themselves known as “breakout performances” — moments that stem from months, years, and even decades of effort being poured into the development of each and every one of their artistic facets. These songs end up being resounding, defining, and absolutely era-defining in their own right. 


The magnitude held by these tracks are usually few and far between in their frequency — but it seems as though the rising next era of pop music has just showcased the latest example of this notion being laid down. There is no doubt that scene mainstay Angelus has convincingly broken out in every way, shape, and fashion with her newest single “Revenge.”


Each and every factor that this song has in store is forcefully commanding in their own right, all combining to create this unmatched and absolutely momentous tone altogether. This is seen in a variety of manners, but their correspondence makes for one of the most emphatic releases of the entire year.


The instrumental does a great deal of the work in making this entire occasion feel as such — with FromTheHeart’s very own FortuneSwan crafting a beat that builds and builds towards an absolute explosion of a drop. It carries this weight throughout the rest of the track too, all but cementing its magnitude in the process.


Angelus herself is the premiere highlight here, absolutely stealing the show with a breathtaking vocal performance that ranges from superb verses to emphatic passages that do nothing else but add to and elevate what this song represents for both her and as a standalone single in itself.


With a video soon to accompany it., this track is beyond just an awe-inspiring moment; it’s where Angelus has finally taken all of her past influences and previous work and has combined nothing but the greatest and most integral aspects of all of them into this monolith of an offering. Breaking through in this way can only be done through sheer force and power, and “Revenge” is the only way Angelus could have ever accomplished this at all. It’s safe to say that she has in fact done so, and with the utmost success as well.