Retail – [Cam Wallace]

Cam Wallace might be a relatively new name to me, but that doesn’t mean he’s a new name in the music industry whatsoever. After earning songwriting credits for artists like Beyoncé, Chris Brown, and Ciara, to name a few, he finally decided to step out into the spotlight on his own and let fans know that he’s not just a genius behind a pen and paper, but an unbelievable artist behind a microphone as well.

Although I’m a couple of weeks late to the music video for his song “Retail”, once I finally got around to listening, I was blown away and simply could hold myself back from writing about it. Swoope, a producer who Cam has frequently collaborated with throughout his career, brought this record to life a very soulful, distorted vocal sample combined with chattering hats and claps and succinct, smooth drums that just ride out incredibly. Cam matches the vibe of the song seamlessly, allowing his lyrics to roll off of his tongue like butter.

His delivery is calm, cool, and collected, never getting too enthusiastic but rather remaining somewhat even-keeled while still accounting for some room to get slightly melodic and tuneful with his lyrics. This melodiousness is brought to new heights with his ad-libs as well, as background vocals sing in a higher tone, providing some depth to the already multifaceted record. Even with his relaxed, unruffled disposition, his personality shines through in various parts, but he ultimately comes off as being one of the silkiest artists in the entire industry, at least what I seen from him thus far.

As far as the Jaimar Viray-directed music video is concerned, it’s one of the cleanest, most well put together visuals I’ve seen in a long time and despite the simplicity of it all, it does an absolutely remarkable job of combining with the song to bring it to life. Cam takes us inside of a relatively bare room that is decorated with a patterned blue wallpaper from the floor to the ceiling. Right as he goes in to spit his bars, he sits on a blue couch and goes to work, allowing the grills in his mouth to shine as they reflect the bright lights behind the camera.

Aside from this, there is another shot where he sits on a chromed-out cruiser bike as a lovely lady stands behind him before she also joins him on the couch, draping her arms around him in a very tender, loving fashion. Although there aren’t many other shots throughout, the oversaturation of the natural light gives this video old-school R&B vibes at times while Cam allows his undisturbed disposition do the rest of the talking.

In a press release I received with the song and video, Cam says “Honestly, I’m always shopping, it’s literally one of my favorite past times. I really dig fashion and style overall. I love a woman with style and grace as Biggie would say, so when I heard the beat it really just felt like dressing room music or something you would hear in one of your favorite clothing stores. It felt like something you get dressed too, I just kinda ran with that vibe and put it into words.” This is clear throughout the lyrics, and the unrushed, easygoing vibe of this record makes me believe that the lyrics came naturally to him and just flowed effortlessly off of his tongue. While the Houston native is no stranger to the music industry, he is making a strong case as to why he’s finished being a background actor and wants a piece of the spotlight. As long as he continues making music like “Retail”, I have no doubt in my mind that he just might be a name that fits right in with the aforementioned superstars he once worked with in the past.