Restless – [Ronnie Rage]

Not too long ago, I was writing about Ronnie Rage’s latest song “Remember Me” and the insanely interesting video that came along with it, and I was looking forward to what else he had up his sleeve. I kept playing this aforementioned song over and over because it was just one of the best things I had heard in a while, so I figured while I awaited his next move, I had no choice but to just play it on repeat, or at least it felt like that’s what I was doing. Thankfully, that wait has come to an end due to the fact that Ronnie is back and better than even in his most recent offering.

The song is called “Restless” and it also has an equally addicting video that comes along with it, so I couldn’t be more excited to share. Torrontaye, a talented producer that I wasn’t aware of prior to this offering, creates an incredible instrumental that is perfect for Ronnie to destroy. He does this with very stirring, pensive guitar strings being strummed in a momentum-building manner before rattling hats enter into the picture and hard-hitting 808s help add a more rapid pace to the track. As the beat begins to take form, filtered background vocals seemingly scream out as if to suggest how impassioned or frustrated he is with the things he’s going through within his own head.

As he begins to sing, however, he comes off as being very calm and composed for a few bars before getting a bit more intense and heated with his delivery. While singing, he delivers his words consistently quickly before raising the pitch of his voice at the end of certain lines and holding his notes for a longer period, providing some differentiation and intrigue to the gripping track. Going into his second verse, he lowers the tone of his voice and sings much more regularly than before, making sure his message is heard loud and clear so that way there’s no room for any sort of vagueness. Through a plethora of sonic changes and styles, Ronnie gets into topics such as his issues trusting people, his fairly divisive coping mechanisms, and the relationship issues he has, among many other narratives.

The visual opens up on the streets of the city where he seems to be imagining things due to what I can assume is his restlessness. As he walks past certain individuals, he seems to be imagining that they’re out to get him, turning around to see if they’re on his tail. In his mind, it seems like these people are in fact trying to come after him, but I believe this is just what he’s imagining. Furthermore, these people seem to be somewhat beaten and battered, showing off certain wounds and stitches on their faces. Many of the shots are hazy and choppy as if they’re suggesting that this is how he’s seeing the world from his own perspective which can’t be a comfortable feeling. At a certain point, he takes us to his home where he hurriedly rushes inside and looks out of the blinds to see if anyone is outside of his home. While in the house, there is a clone of his sitting next to him, possibly to suggest that he’s having an out of body experience or possibly even an alter ego. By the end, none of the problems in his mind have really been solved and it seems like he is just going to remain paranoid for the foreseeable future.

Although he might be newer in the industry and still on the come up, Ronnie Rage has such a powerful persona that is conveyed flawlessly through his equally prevailing voice. There is pain that can be heard within his voice that is backed up by feelings of anger and sadness that combine to create a recipe that is just attention-grabbing and captivating. His videos are equally appealing considering he truly seems to think outside of the box and not only uses pleasing settings, but he also provides some sort of story or plot that backs up the overall theme of each song he creates. I believe that he brings much more than just skill alone to the table, and these other traits that he possesses like intellect and honesty are going to help him go a long way in this industry. Ronnie Rage might be a new face in the music scene to some of you, but his latest visual for his song “Restless” is a must-watch, so be sure to peep brand-new music video below as soon as you possibly can.