Requiem 4 a Dream – [Cris Dinero]

There are so many artists in the world today that I know about and have even listened to, but until I hear a full project, I can’t claim to really understand their skillset based on just a song or two alone. Even if I’m impressed by a few singles, the true test in my eyes comes when they put out an album or a mixtape, because I feel like this is when they can show their diversity as well as their ability to put together a cohesive story that shares more than just the cool things they can do with vocal effects or their hitmaking capabilities.

When I first found out about Cris Dinero a few months back, I was super into the few songs that I had familiarized myself with, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that I gained a definite grasp on his talents, and that is because I tuned into his brand-new album Requiem 4 a Dream, and this is when I was able to full engulf myself into the sonic world that he brought to life.

This project features 10 songs that run just over 23 minutes long, making it an effort that gives you more than enough to appreciate without giving you too much which would cause you to barely skim the surface after your first listen. What’s even more impressive about this album is the fact that there are zero features which makes sure that Cris is the star of the show on every cut, and it also allows him to rotate through a variety of different styles that might not have been possible if he had to cater to any guests or other collaborators.

Of course, he does get some help in the form of an amazing beat selection thanks to instrumentals courtesy of producers like Nuri, T99, Grimbrxzy, CGM, Kre8ore, Bhristo, Kele, ColdSummer, Okami, 4nghts, and Centro, all of whom bring out the best in Cris’ style while also giving us a very in-depth peek into his constantly churning mind. Cris Dinero might still be working on making his way up the. Hip-hop ladder, but if Requiem 4 a Dream has anything to say about his talents, you’ll be well-aware of the fact that he’s going to be something huge in a matter of no time.