Rememory – [Supa Bwe] x [Chance The Rapper]

Supa Bwe and Chance The Rapper have been leading Chicago’s hip-hop community for years now, and whenever they hop on a record together it’s great for the city, today they are blessing us with with not a new song, but a brand new music video for their last collab “Rememory”. If you remember the last visual these two released was the animated cut “Fool Wit It Freestyle” a couple of years ago, and they kept the animation theme going on this visual but they stepped it up big time, in large part thanks to director Tristan Zammit. I can’t stress enough how great of a job they all did on this one, I hope to see it in some “Best Music Videos of 2019” lists toward the end of the year, but regardless check it out for yourself below!