Remember The Daze – [Grimm Doza] & [Group Actions]

Making a well-deserved appearance on Lyrical Lemonade today are two artists by the names of GRiMM Doza and Group Actions with their brand new single, “Remember The Daze”. Surrounded by a cloud of hazy smoke, this track’s ethereal sound offers a certain degree of stylistic nostalgia as it slowly paces through each successive beat. Riding right alongside, the deliveries match this slower pace, and in doing so, work towards an increasingly hypnotic and effortless sound. That being said, “Remember The Daze” floats along by, marking itself as a relaxed single that clearly sheds light on the eclectic talents of both GRiMM Doza and Group Actions, all at once. Be sure to show this duo some love and give their newest offering a listen at the link below!