Relapse – [Jasmine Pecson]

This afternoon I am glad to be bringing our readers the latest project from San Francisco native Jasmine Pecson, an eleven-track effort titled Relapse. There are limitless amounts of music in the world, everyday new talented artists are coming out of seemingly nowhere and capturing people’s attention, but because of this, you have to search further to find the hidden gems. I believe that Jasmine Pecson is just that, a hidden gem, because she makes some truly magnificent music. I think that this tape from top to bottom is pretty flawless, but my favorite part about it is how you never know what’s coming next. She provides a nice mix of different sounds, for example, “Deserve It” and “Closer” are two different types of sounds, but it sounds great together in the grand scheme of the project. Don’t sleep on Jasmine Pecson, listen to this album below!