Regardless – [Bari] & [monte booker]

If you’re familiar with the name Bari, but you’re not entirely sure why, it’s because he has been lurking in the shadows for the last couple of years carefully and meticulously planning his next big move. While it’s never easy to be a fan of someone who seems quite elusive at times because all you want from them is more music, as long as the records and projects they have released have longevity, then you have more than enough content to keep you occupied while waiting.

Luckily, Bari has strung together quite a few hits throughout the years, so while I have been content during his hiatus, I am certainly looking forward to some big moves in the. Near future. After working with the Chicago & St. Louis collective Zero Gravity, Bari has not only learned from his group’s counterparts but also contributed wonderful additions to every song that they have released, whether it’s as a crew or in separate endeavors. Well, his brand-new track “Regardless” is long overdue after not releasing anything since dropping F*@k It… Burn It All Down, but with just this one song, he proves that he hasn’t lost a single ounce of his talent or creativity.

Teaming up with his friend and longtime cohort monte booker, the baseline in this song is absolutely infectious, and when coupled with the appealing melody and hasty percussion, it’s hard to focus on anything else but this insanely enthralling record. When Bari comes in, he does so in a very composed fashion, reciting the hook in an effortlessly smooth and tuneful manner that gets things off to a hot start.

He continues this confidence in his verses, unsurprisingly, but uses these moments to change up his cadence and show off a much more complex, versatile side of his skill set. This is the type of song you have no choice but to play when you just need to take a few deep breaths and unwind, and considering Bari has been a major part of most of my carefree, relaxing playlists for more years than I can remember, I certainly have high hopes that we’ll hear much more from him before the year is up!