Reel Em In – [PGF Nuk]

For over a decade, Chicago has been a drill city. Regardless of all the other incredible styles that have come to life throughout this time frame, drill has undeniably made the most noise and reminisced with listeners more than anything else, but with such an aggressive and attention-grabbing sound, how can you blame anyone? As some of these emcees have blown up to unbelievable levels, it is clear that even though they may have been raised by the streets, they used music as a way to get out of them. This has translated in the form of moving out of these potentially dangerous situations, buying luxurious items, and pretty much upgrading their lifestyles on all fronts.

While this might be the goal for PGF Nuk, Chicago’s newest noise maker, he seems to still embody what it means to survive in the trenches. At the same time, he doesn’t just survive, he thrives as he continues to find success in the music industry, despite the fact that drill seemed to die down for a few years prior to his arrival on the scene. He is one of the only names you need to know in terms of drill’s revival, so even though I love more songs of his than I can count, his latest record “Reel Em In” certainly might take the cake for me personally.

The 9ine and Acb3-production is drill to the core, but it’s Nuk’s unapologetic attitude and the grit that he speaks with that really brings this record from an awesome song to an absolute banger. The Shot by Jolo-directed video takes things up a notch even further as the Chicagoan hits the streets of Miami surrounded by his crew, luxurious whips, and all sorts of other events that show the phenom getting into as much mischief as he can.

PGF Nuk might only be 20, and he may have just hit the scene within the last year or two, but he is already an RIAA gold-certified artist with support from Lil Durk, G Herbo, Chance the Rapper, EST Gee, Polo G, and plenty more. With a crowd of fans of their caliber as well as millions of other supporters rooting for the rising voice of Chicago, it only makes sense that he becomes someone you need to pay attention to as he continues to blow up.