Reeds Lake – [Waldo] x [Willie The Kid] x [Sango]

In music, unexpected collaborations are often the most satisfactory. Such was the case when I learned that Soulection stars Waldo & Sango had teamed up with entrepreneurial emcee Willie The Kid for their new single “Reeds Lake.” Waldo & Willie The Kid are both from Grand Rapids, Michigan, hence the song’s title paying homage to the fresh-water lake. With witty bars such as “If Grand Rapids is the crib then I must be Fisher-Price,” Willie returns the favor with elite penmanship of his own: “I cast a light you can bask in; Baskin-Robbins / 31 flavors Grand Rapids I was rappin,’ Detroit fitted on, tiger-style Carole Baskin.” Production-wise, Sango intelligently crafts two styles that complement(s) both Waldo & Willie’s signature sounds, as the track switches up around the 95 second mark. Those familiar with Washington, D.C. artist LB199X will familiarize the  instrumental during Waldo’s verse, which is similar to his song “To Live & Die In Amerikka.” A trait of all phenomenal producers is to create new artistry from existing sound templates, which Sango demonstrates once more on this particular record. Although Waldo & Willie The Kid both rap from recollection, the soundscape interestingly shifts to a more optimistic listen once the beat changes. Whether intentional on the part of Sango or not, the timing of Willie The Kid’s “Optimistic like the sound of blackness” line creates a masterful collaboration detailing the paths of two Grand Rapids legends. Stream “Reeds Lake” below!