REEBORN – [La Reezy]

These days it feels like everyone can make a song that sounds relatively “good”, but the real question is who has the willingness to develop their raw talent and take their career to the heights that everybody feels like they’re entitled to reaching. There’s a level of hustle on top of the God-given ability that is required in order to turn music from a hobby into a career and anyone with eyes can tell that today’s guest gets that memo and his sweat-equity is quickly beginning to add up. 

In comes 18 year old, La Reezy, who didn’t waste a second throughout his teenage years to get his dreams started on the right track as he’s released over 100 songs on Spotify and 40 music videos since commencing his music journey 3 years ago. A grind to say the least, the New Orleans rapper is a man on a mission and moves as if he has the intention of being the next big thing out of The Big Easy. Living in a sonic world similar to legendary Southern rappers such as André 3000, JID, and fellow-New Orleans native, Lil Wayne, La Reezy already has an iconic voice and signature production style down to a T, and with TikTok in his back pocket, I can’t imagine a world where La Reezy isn’t a name we all know in 2024. 

Fortunately for us, La Reezy was back in action this past week, delivering his new 9-song album, “REEBORN”, which will easily go down as one of my favorite project’s of the year thus far. A body of work rooted in positivity and youthfulness, “REEBORN” highlights the teenager’s coming of age as La Reezy takes a moment to look back and reflect on his early years in relation to where he is now. A soulful rap journey that speaks directly to the hearts of those facing adversity and serves as a guide towards overcoming those obstacles, La Reezy delivers a message of empowerment as he looks to leave his uplifting mark on the music world. 

 A masterclass on bar-spitting while simultaneously experimenting melodically with his voice, in “REEBORN” we hear La Reezy push himself musically farther than he ever has. Taking on the role of a writer, vocalist, producer, and engineer for all 9 songs, La Reezy hand-crafted this project from every possible direction and it’s refreshing to see as that seems like a rarity in 2023. Kicking it off with the intro, “BIRTH”, which has gained some traction on TikTok, La Reezy quickly dives into the project’s spirited focus-track, “LIL KID BIG WORLD”, where he incorporates layers of soulful production touches and some additional vocals from fellow-collaborator, Jasmyn West. After another one of my personal favorites, “PROTECT”, which showcases powerful lyricism that will make you realize the 18 year old is wise far beyond his years, the project then moves onto his previously released single, “WE WAS JUST KIDS”, before progressing into the meat of the project with records such as “NOLA”, “GOTCHU”, and “HELLO”. Putting the cherry on top of the cake that is “REEBORN”, “I LOVE YOU FOREVER” serves as the perfect final touch to the album and one that fittingly ends it on the same positive note that it started with. 

Check out La Reezy’s, “REEBORN”, using the links below!