Redfern – [Mosez Jones, Samaether, Fernie & Housefly]

Over the last couple of weeks, a lot of my latest finds have come from a bunch of locations across the country. Today, however, I’m extremely excited to introduce y’all to some new flavor that’s coming all the way from Canada. The song ‘Redfern”, released as part of a collaborative effort put forth by four Montreal natives, randomly popped up on my discover weekly playlist a couple of days ago and I haven’t stopped listening since.

As soon as you press play, the ambience is filled with a dope bounce and tasteful instrumental flare; This is all thanks to the production/composition gurus, Samaether and Housefly. Samaether is a 20-year-old artist who has had his hand in music for many years, which you can easily tell by listening to the sophisticated production on this song, while Housefly is a19-year-old musician, composer and producer, who composed this entire track. That said, before we delve into this one even deeper, I think it’s safe to say that each of these Montreal Natives have a bright future ahead of them if they continue to produce and compose like they did on “Redfern”. 

Every dope song needs dope lyrics/vocals involved and that’s exactly what you get from Mosez Jones and Fernie — the two vocalists on the track. Mosez, the 19-year-old lyricist and rapper, brought some refreshing flavor to the already well-established groove, as his lyrics and flow come off as remarkably mature for his age. Rounding out this really cool body of work is 19 year old singer Fernie, who adds his absolutely stellar vocals to compliment Mosez and his unique style, bringing this one full circle as an impressive release.

All four of these young artists are a part of an artist collective in Canada called ‘Kids From The Underground”, and while there is not doubt that each one of these guys will have great solo careers, it should be said that if they decide to team up like this again in the future, there’s no telling what heat they could cook up! I’ve attached the Spotify link to “Redfern” below, so y’all can check it out and let us know what you think. If you vibe with this track, make sure to follow their collective instagram account here!