Red Rum – [Ola Runt]

Atlanta rapper Ola Runt is back yet again with his new visual “Red Rum” off of his recent Beggin’ for a Body project and this TK808 produced song comes at a time of much chaos and upheaval in Ola’s home city and his native Edgewood has been making several headlines over the past month or two for their raucous, not-socially-distanced block parties and most recently a mass shooting during one of these said block parties over the Fourth of July as twenty-three people were shot and two, unfortunately, lost their lives. However even amidst all of the strife and chaos throughout Edgewood and the greater Zone 6, Ola Runt has managed to unite this area under his own unique and brash banner of support that was recently stamped for eternity when Gucci Mane made Ola his first signee to his revamped label “The New 1017” alongside other new street titans like Foogiano, Pooh Shiesty, and Big Scarr. Gucci recently even hopped on Ola’s breakout track “Feel Like Guwop” which paid homage to the East Atlanta legend who in many ways walked so Ola could run, and also musically bears many similarities even though the sound and culture have certainly evolved since Gucci Mane’s original heyday. Ola tells the gritty street stories that many are either too scared to hear or too indifferent to pay attention, and rather than giving status quo and largely uninspired bars on every track I listen to Ola has some bar that leaves me in amazement and has a particular gift about framing personal events in a way that is easy for others to relate to. “Red Rum” continues to show Ola Runt’s charisma and the new niche sound that he is creating. I cannot wait to continue to watch Ola develop into an artist that is immediately recognized as one of the most talented and beloved artists in Atlanta, and I think he is already certainly on his way there.