Red Mind – [Maddee]

From the moment I stepped foot into the world of Toronto artist Maddee and her latest EP, Red Mind, I immediately knew there was no coming back. You see, in Maddee’s case, with a voice so graceful, controlled, and above all, passionate, there’s no such thing as a dull moment. On each of the six songs included in the project, listeners are subject to a striking storyteller and a true master of her craft, juggling both roles with the poise of a seasoned veteran. Every move Maddee makes is calculated, and every note landed with the utmost care, but what strikes me most about Red Mind isn’t just the talent: it’s the narrative, the personality of it all.

As Red Mind progresses, the emotions only get deeper, and the stories get that much more intimate. Spending time listening to Maddee feels like earning the trust of a new friend, and once the doors are open, there’s an entire world of color and experience just waiting to be told. From here, the EP bursts out into infectious occasions of sound, one of my favorite being the brass contribution on “Dry.” While Madee’s voice commands the majority of the EP, she leaves room for twists and turns like this to match the strong-standing soul of her voice, and the result is a sense of wholeness that brings the EP to a meeting point.

From the opening seconds of “Surely I’m” to the closing moments of “Birds,” Red Mind takes listeners on a trip from point A, to point B, and all the way back to the beginning. It’s a full-circle project, and one that hints at an incredibly bright future for Toronto’s own.

By the sounds of it, Maddee is ready for the spotlight, and I, for one, am all in. Don’t just take my word for it, though — stream Red Mind for yourself at the link provided below!