REBIRTH – [Bernard Jabs]

Bernard Jabs is an artist that I have heard many songs from, but I realized I truly don’t know that much about him. Despite my minuscule amount of knowledge regarding the promising talent, I know that he creates hit after hit, and his latest song “REBIRTH” is definitely even more evidence of that. DJ StagBag and Dxnny Fxntom teamed up to produce this record utilizing some punk rock-inspired guitar riffs, somewhat hip-hop-sounding percussive elements, and a bouncy bassline that will definitely get any party bumping. Although this is a unique foundation for Bernard, he absolutely kills it, sometimes singing with a bit of angst behind his delivery while other times switching up his cadence to full-on rap with flows that can go toe to toe with the biggest names in the industry.

As far as the accompanying visual is concerned, he teamed up with a frequent collaborator and one of my favorite up and coming videographers Sam McGrath to shoot a miniature movie, and although the setting was kept pretty minimal, they did everything they needed to and more to bring Bernard’s personality to the forefront. Opening up, Bernard walks into a classroom full of misfit-looking individuals, taking a seat at a desk in the front row while not looking excited about the lecture that’s about to take place. Luckily, he doesn’t have to deal with too much learning before his classmates, including individuals like Landon Cube, Jonny Ransom, and others begin causing havoc, throwing paper balls at the teacher who happens to be Cam Haller, and disrupting the rest of class once and for all.

Once again, I know that oftentimes when a video uses only one setting, it can get monotonous and boring, so that just speaks volumes of how entertaining Bernard is as a performer. He took what could’ve been a basic and possibly boring scene and flipped it on its head (with a lot of help from Sam and the CUFBOYS, of course), ultimately leaving us with an amazing video for an even more extraordinary song. While I could go on for days praising Bernard Jabs for his always entertaining music, I’ll let you see for yourself as you tune into the brand-new visual for his track “REBIRTH”.