Reason-[Amahla] x [Tev’n]

 “Reason” was written to the current backdrop of the Roe Vs Wade case being overturned – whenever women are emotional we’re deemed hysterical, even when our individual and reproductive rights are up for debate. Now marginalised groups are having to fight harder to be believed. I wrote Reason with my producer Tev’n. We wanted to write a song that was self-affirming, that song you sing at the top of your lungs to the person who’s wronged you and in that feel power. I wrote Reason about the precise moment you realise everything you saw and felt were real and you were being manipulated into thinking otherwise. At the moment it’s hard to find the right words, I wrote Reason so I don’t have to Amahla 

British Soul singer Amahla makes her well-deserved Lyrical Lemonade debut with a stunningly beautiful and compelling new song titled “Reason.” Self-produced alongside Tev’n, I promise you this track is one of the most powerful and memorable listens you’ll have. For starters, Amahla’s vocals are deeply rich and soulful; she inflects her pitch at very high-levels in a manner of ease that few are capable of. Moreover, the predominant piano-led production is brilliantly fine-tuned alongside its glorious melody, which is quite easy to become enamored with. Provided context of the critical messaging behind this offering, “Reason” is a record that extends beyond enjoyment; it’s a therapeutic release that, quite frankly shouldn’t have to be vented. Nevertheless, Amahla has rightfully chosen to stand up for her individual and reproductive rights, which all listeners of hers and beyond should support. Beyond the disgusting Roe vs Wade overturn outcome, “Reason” can be extended as an anthem against any form of abuse, discrimination, inequality and inequity. I was absolutely blown away by my first listen of this song, and that amazement won’t go away. Have a listen for yourself below!