Real Rare – [Tony Shhnow]

Tony Shhnow has once again proven why he’s one of the most exciting artists in the plugg scene with his latest video single “Real Rare”. The Atlanta-based rapper’s forthcoming project, Love Streak, promises to be his most advanced effort yet, and this record is a standout that shows off Tony’s unique style and resourcefulness.

The Emilio Cohen-directed video is a simplistic cinematic masterpiece that perfectly complements the song’s laid-back vibe. From the opening shot, which features Tony sitting in a booth inside of a local diner surrounded by smoke and neon lights, it’s clear that this is a visual feast for the eyes. The mini-movie is full of striking images, from Tony’s colorful outfit to the surreal landscapes that he navigates throughout the video, which are brought to life in the form of psychedelic animations and other edited creations.

The ATLien’s flow on “Real Rare” is as smooth as silk, and his lyrics are full of introspection and openness. The GRIMM DOZA-produced beat is downtempo with subtle keys and drums that create a dreamy ambiance. To match the production, Tony’s voice is a perfect complement to the beat, with his relaxed but confident delivery perfectly capturing the song’s chill vibe.

“Real Rare” is a stunning single that perfectly displays Tony Shhnow’s abilities and originality. Along with an amazing single comes an even more captivating video that’s as attention-grabbing as anything else Tony has ever put out thanks to some stunning imagery and remarkable graphics. It’s clear that Love Streak is going to be a game-changer for the underground icon’s career, and “Real Rare” is just a taste of what’s to come. With Love Streak set to drop on April 28th, it’s clear that Tony isn’t someone you’d ever want to overlook. Simply put, if you’re a fan of Tony Shhnow’s inimitable brand of plugg music, you won’t want to miss this one for another second.