Real N****s Never Die – [42 Dugg] x [Arabian]

Detroit, Michigan native 42 Dugg return to Lyrical Lemonade with a touching banger titled “Real Niggas Never Die.” Featuring Arabian, the rapper’s bass-heavy preference beautifully meshes with his featured counterpart’s  angelic vocals. It’s a beautiful mixture of opposing styles; one aggressive and the other soft to thematically pay homage to Dugg’s lost homies via the treacherously remorseless streets. The hook in particular is quite somber, as Arabian unveils the myth that “real niggas never die.” While Dugg meditates on the birth of his son and upcoming daughter, the circumstances of his brothers are far less fortunate, aka the infamous ‘dead or in jail’ reality for many underprivileged folks. Of course, despite Dugg’s fortune the weight of losing loved ones carries a tremendous burden on his psyche, as he struggles to accept the cruelest fact during a period where he needs the opposite to be true. Sonically the offering is truly short and sweet; from the production to the vulnerable verse to the flawless hook, in my opinion “Real Niggas Never Die” is the standout off 42 Dugg’s Free Dem Boyz deluxe LP. Have a listen below!