Real Life (official music video)-[HARD CAR KIDS]

Nothing brings me more joy than exposing our listeners to amazing talent; and on this fine Thursday, that’s exactly what y’all are about to get. If you haven’t heard of “Hard Car Kids” before, then consider this to be your lucky day. The group just released an immensely impressive video for their song “Real Life”. What’s even more impressive though, is the way in which the group formed and began making music in the first place. I got a chance to talk to some of the members about the formation and they detailed how it all happened in “Hard Car Kids” fashion…

It all started back in September when an artist who goes by the name of Munch invited Leo Pastel to crash at his house in Detroit, MI. The two were looking to get some studio sessions in with creating music being the goal of this eventful weekend. Little did they know though, an artist named Charlie Burg would be passing through Detroit during that same weekend. After one of his shows, Charlie ended up hitting Munch’s line to see if he and some friends could pass through the crib to make some music. The friends who accompanied Charlie at the link up were Austenyo, Stoop Lee, and Benji Sheinman. Shortly after they arrived, munch received a FaceTime call from another friend named Jacob Sigman, who eventually rushed over once he knew what was going down. The collective talent that was present in that room birthed something amazing that night. According to Leo Pastel, the group ended up staying awake until 5am just making beats. What came from that all night session was the song, “Real Life”. The song itself is an artistic representation of the camaraderie that all these guys share. A group of guys, with different styles and different backgrounds came together on one song and its truly one of the most uniquely created pieces I’ve witnessed in my time of writing.

As I mentioned, the music video that’s attached to this song is something you need to watch in order to get an in depth look at the Hard Car Kids. The cleverly crafted music video, edited by by Munch himself features a group FaceTime call between all of the members as they preform their latest single, “Real Life”. Each artist has their time to shine in the focused camera which lets you in on their dynamic and personality. The DIY and unconventional style of filming is a complete reflection of the way in which these guys were formed. Some of the best things in life happen on accident and Hard Car Kids is just an example of it. I’ve attached the brand new music video down below. Give it a watch and make sure to tap in with your new favorite group! Enjoy!