Real hiphop – [Niontay] x [Earl Sweatshirt] x [El Cousteau] x [MIKE]

Niontay Assembles an All-Star Lineup on Infectious Collaborative Single “Real hiphop”.

The track’s cypher-like composition expertly frames Niontay, Earl Sweatshirt, El Cousteau, and MIKE’s palpable chemistry as they effortlessly trade 16s overflowing with caption-eschelon lyrics that I can already see echoing throughout my timeline. The feature-heavy single is easily one of the most exciting collaborations in recent memory and offers a telling first glimpse into Niontay’s forthcoming EP, Demon Muppy, dropping November 2nd, as he aims to go back to back following the April release of his head-turning debut album Dontay’s Inferno that dropped earlier this year. 

Although it’s apparent that Niontay is surrounded by Good Company on this cut, the talented Kissimmee, Florida, by-way-of-Milwaukee rapper has steadily been having his way with his consistent artistic output, soundtracking some of the most exciting sonics circulating through the underground right now. His aforementioned album, Dontay’s Inferno, was a statement underlining his eclectic sound that cocktails his nonchalant – cursive-like – delivery with bravado-filled yet content-heavy lyrics, which effortlessly coast over his self-produced instrumentals. Tay has this crazy ability where he will pivot from one of the craziest verse-to-verse performances of the year on “THANK ALLAH” to an interpolation of “Hey There Delilah” on his track “1000 Miles Away…”, in a way that somehow makes sense – a feat I’m still processing to this day. Furthermore, the nine-track album resonated beyond just my listening history, tallying a substantial amount of streams and notable write-ups as his buzz began its assent throughout the summer. 

Since its release, Niontay has been on a tear, stage-hopping from Elsewhere to MIKE’s Young World Festival to the legendary ‘underground music cafeteria’ that is Mi Sabor Cafe, all of which I was fortunate enough to make it out to. In my experience, plenty of talented artists don’t have the stage presence to transition the impact or substance of their music to the stage, but Niontay is definitely not one of them. I can’t stress this enough, but Niontay is a must-see live. I say this because, in every single show of his that I’ve been to, I will tangibly witness him win over fresh ears in real-time, as exhibited by the collective expression of awe that washes over my peers’ faces as he performs some of the craziest lyrical gymnastics with ease all while wearing a ‘yeah-I-really-do-this’ smirk across his face. Similarly, for me, it was an intimate live performance of his that took place in front of The Good Company’s Allen St. storefront alongside Navy Blue and MIKE back in 2021 that won me over. From that day forward – like many of his newer fans – I can’t stop talking about how ahead of its time his music and artistry as a whole really is. 

Niontay has been able to leverage all this momentum into the surprise drop of “Real hiphop” which has completely uprooted my feed with the excitement surrounding the track’s release since last night. Co-produced by Tony Seltzer and Vinny Fanta, the down-tempo instrumental’s eerily looping lead and pad set the precedent for the group’s collective nonchalantly delivered verses that spiral with ear-worm lines, blanketing the track from start to finish. In each of their respective performances on the track, it’s apparent that the group had fun putting this together, a feeling that bleeds through even without witnessing the intimate, off-the-cuff visual that accompanied its release. 

Although this definitely isn’t Niontay’s first encounter with praise, it seems that we are in the midst of witnessing a pivotal moment in his story. This release directly trails his legendary feature on “Mussle Beach” – alongside El Cousteau – as seen on MIKE’s recent album Burning Desire, and it’s been amazing to see him finally begin to get the recognition he deserves.

Tap in with Niontay’s newest track, “Real hiphop” using the links below!  


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