Real Boston Richey Returns With A New Banger Titled “On Site”

Breakthrough Florida rapper Real Boston Richey had an amazing streak in 2022. The independent artist has already received major support from Grammy award-winning artist Future, and Hip-hop rappers like Lil Baby and Lil Durk. Richey is the first artist to put on for Tallahassee since T-Pain back in 05’, so it’s not a shocker to witness how much effort he put toward creating a successful career for himself. His single “Bullseye 2” featuring Future, received over 17 million views in just four months. Richey also teamed up with Lil Durk on “Keep Dissing 2,” the music video accumulated ten million views in the first month, and now has a total of 21 million and counting. The 25-year-old rapper’s distinctive voice has built a following on Instagram of 447k, and over 1.4 million listeners on Spotify. 

To end the year off right, Richey released his latest single “On Site.” I must say this song has been on repeat ever since releasing on December 23. 

“Runnin’ through the light (Huh)/ If she treat me right, I might buy her ice (Haha)/Shit go down tonight, I might turn you to my wife (Yeah, Yeah)/Want you to be just like me, I’ma get you icy/Niggas tryin’ to snipe me, they lookin’ up my type beats”

After releasing this single, Richey took to Instagram to promote his work. “New song just dropped,” he shared. “‘On Site’ video drop later today, deluxe OTW.”

With each release, Richey never fails to disappoint. I’m looking forward to his deluxe and witnessing what he has in store for his fans this year. Check out his new single below.