Ready – [Young Nudy]

No matter where in the world you look to find new music, inspirations for these artists typically come back to one place: Atlanta. The ATL has become the first place many rap fans look to for the hottest new music, and it’s crazy that the underground is just as prominent as the mainstream emcees that call the Georgia capital home. It also just feels like there are more mainstream legends in Atlanta than anywhere else, and not a single one has transformed from a respected spitter to an overplayed, cheesy emcee like we’ve seen happen in other areas of the country.

Whether we’re talking about Future, Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Gunna, or any other names that you could list off all day and night without running out of artists, they all make an impact and not only respect each other, but work together to create music that will go down in history, no matter how far into the future you look. Young Nudy is another name that you can add to the list, and although he still feels like he has certain underground qualities to him, I think that’s because he is never going to leave the street life completely behind, no matter how massive he becomes.

Earlier this year, he dropped his album EA Monster, one of my personal favorite efforts of 2022, and all of the music videos that drop for songs off of the project have been equally impressive. To continue on his almost vertical trajectory, “Ready” is the latest Coupe-produced track to receive a video courtesy of TeamxIncome, and I couldn’t wait to share. Like some of his other videos, this one shows his hometown in the dark of night as scenes are illuminated with singular spotlights and the glow coming from a gas station where Nudy hangs out at in front of his extravagant whip.

I am a big fan of most of the shots used, but my definitive favorite is certainly the setting where he vibes out in front of a mural depicting the album’s cover art which is undeniably one of my favorite covers of the year as well. Young Nudy is one of those artists that I never pass up the opportunity to tap in with whenever something new surfaces, so if you’re as big of a fan as I am, this video is as essential as it gets.