READ EM AND WEEP – [Xavier Wulf] & [Quintin Lamb]

Whether you’re heavily into the underground Rap scene or not, Xavier Wulf shouldn’t be an unfamiliar name whatsoever. He has been making waves in music for the better part of a decade and it’s not even slightly a stretch so say that he has paved the way for most rappers coming up through the internet age of music to be themselves and test out various different styles even if it’s not what most average people would accept or find themselves listening to.

Just at the end of last year on Christmas of all days, Xavier decided to team up with his good friend and frequent collaborator Quintin Lamb, an unbelievable producer that has provided a perfect foundation for X numerous times in the past. Once they got in the studio, they brought their project Rude Dog to life which ended up being a 12 song, 26-minute-long effort that is full of hostility, aggression, and all-out ruthlessness in the best possible ways.

The penultimate song “READ EM AND WEEP” was definitely an early favorite of mine after just one run-through of the project, and I couldn’t have been more stoked to find out late last night that X and Q decided to team up for an unbelievable music video that does an impeccable job of showing off the story that’s being told throughout the song itself. Although I’m not sure who shot or directed this miniature movie, I definitely want to give them props considering how well they were able to bring the story to life and capture all of the anger and assault that Xavier was expressing in the record.

Opening up in Xavier’s home, he gets a call from Quintin and picks up right off the bat with some heightened attitude, something that is only going to be elevated even more as their conversation continues. After their conversation ends, X grabs his things and hops into his BMW to head to this office that was foreshadowed during his conversation with Q. When he arrives, he storms in, pushing workers to the side and even spilling hot coffee all over one of the other employees.

There’s even an Eddy Baker appearance, and he acts to be completely shocked at the way Xavier is acting, even though I’m sure if he wasn’t playing a character, he’d find this not surprising even slightly. When he arrives in the boss’s office catching the guy by surprise, he creates a mess, throwing papers everywhere and hopping on the desk, causing the boss to panic and get overly defensive. Eventually, Xavier breaks the guy’s laptop over his knee and flees the scene, knowing that he could’ve done much worse but spared the guy when push comes to shove.

Xavier Wulf has been creating some of the most unbelievable music ever for such a long time, and his consistency is one of the most underrated aspects of his career. He always puts out something new, and although his music doesn’t always sound completely different, he just has this natural quality within his vocals and deliveries that constantly keep me rushing back to his social media pages for more. I don’t know if anyone will ever match the legendary status that X has achieved over the years, but I’m just grateful I’ve been able to witness his rise for such an extensive period of time. If you’re even remotely familiar with Xavier Wulf or Quintin Lamb, you already know you’re in for a treat with the “READ EM AND WEEP” music video, so be sure to check it out as soon as you get the chance.