Reach Higher – [Raff Alpha]

Shortly after the release of his artistic single “Without You,” Baltimore, Maryland native Raff Alpha returns with another solo release titled “Reach Higher.” Produced by Kiyva & MaxoKoolin, the instrumental incorporates booming bass with mysterious echoing vocals. Occasionally going by “Young Buddha,” the opening lines “You can feel God when I’m rappin,’ just because you come at me with negativity don’t me you gettin’ a reaction” certainly befit Alpha’s moniker. However, do not be fooled by Alpha’s wisdom; the Project FILO and Omega Academy artist expresses his destructive energy throughout the track, admitting that he “used to be a walking ticking bomb.” Therefore, “Reach Higher” serves as Alpha’s calling to elevate beyond his flaws, opting for continual growth, emotional regulation, self-love, and overall positive energy. From a religious standpoint, the song symbolize’s Raff “reaching higher” to further distance himself from the devil, thereby getting closer to God. Along with the record’s spiritual message(s), Raff rejects materialism in an eerie fashion, stating: “Everybody searching for the money and the fame but the artificial love is like crack cocaine, better fight your demons or you’ll go insane, gun to the brain like Kurt Kobain.” Alpha also says: “Brotherman please take it slow you should never sell your soul for the sake of glitter and gold.” Eventually, Raff creates a dichotomy between spirituality/religion and materialism, when he professes: “I don’t gotta wear no jewelry to get your fake respect, bi*** my aura shining brighter than the diamonds on your neck.” Once more, Alpha has skillfully showcased an ability to blend intelligent lyrics with modernized production, refusing to abide by claims that the two cannot coexist without dumbing down. Stream “Reach Higher,” the latest single by Raff Alpha below!

Words by Brandon Washington